Check your Tax Bill

Your current year tax bill status can be checked online at Kenton County Online Records (KCOR). 

Instructions to navigate the system:

  1. Go to the KCOR site
  2. Click the big, black “Click For Free Access Menu” buttonKCOR Instructions Screenshot
  3. Enter the captcha code shown and then click the green “Submit” button KCOR Instructions Screenshot
  4. From the Free Access Menu, click the option “Tax Bill Inquiry” KCOR Instructions Screenshot
  5. Research each tax bill by either:
    1. Owner Name Search (owner as of January 1 of tax year)
    2. Property Location Search (address)
    3. PIDN Search 
    4. Account Number Search (tangible bills only)
    5. Bill Number Search 
      (Click on the "search" button; the enter key will not work) 
  6. Select the boxed number on the displayed list matching your search needs to expand into the current year tax bill.