Property Taxes FAQS

Please be advised that failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from penalty and or interest charges.

The Kenton County Sheriff’s Office will cease tax bill collections end of business day, April 17th. Unpaid tax bills are then turned over to the Kenton County Clerk’s Office for additional collection efforts that will result in added penalties and fees. 

 If the tax bill is not paid to the County Clerk by the time of their annual tax sale in July the tax bill may be SOLD to a third party.  Substantial additional amounts will be due in order to redeem the outstanding taxes.

Collection Schedule

October 1st through November 1st: Face amount less 2%

November 2nd through December 31st: Face amount of tax bill

January 1st through January 31st: Face amount plus 5%

February 1st through end of business day, April 17th: Face amount plus 10% plus 10%

Why is my assessed value incorrect?

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Change of Property Ownership?

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Who do I make my check payable to and where do I mail it to?

Can I sign over a check to the Sheriff's Office?

Does the Sheriff's Office accept other forms of payment other than cash or check?"

By calling the Sheriff's Office can I make a credit/debit card payment over the telephone?" 

Can I (Homeowner) get a copy of a tax bill mailed to me?

Can I get a receipt for taxes when I mail in a payment?

I mistakenly paid my tax bill and my bank/mortgage company also paid the bill.  Who will receive a refund?

I received an exemption after I had already paid my taxes.  Will I receive a refund?

Can I pay my tax bill at 5/3 without my bill statement?

If I pay the bill at 5/3 on November 1st will the payment be credited that date?  What if I pay my bill on a Saturday or Sunday?"

Can I Search for my Tax Bill On-line?