Scammers Alert

The Kenton County Sheriffs Office has been alerted to citizens who are receiving calls
from individuals identifying themselves as being with the Kenton County Sheriffs Office.

The scammer, who says they are calling about missed JURY DUTY, is very professional and convincing that a warrant will be issued unless the person they have called purchases RETAIL CREDIT CARDS and gives them that information over the phone.

The displayed "call from" telephone number may be a local, valid number which the
scammer has "hijacked" for display purposes on the phone.

A law enforcement officer would never call you to demand payment in order to "take
care of a situation" - THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOl ENGAGE SCAM CALLERS! Do not give them any type of personal information. Do not give them any type of payment over the phone. Do not agree to meet them. Hang up on them!

In order to report continued nuisance contact please call the Kentucky Attorney General
Andy Beshear, Office of Consumer Protection at 888-432-9257.