"Green Dot" or Pre-Paid Credit Card Scam Alert

The Kenton County Sheriff's Office would again like .to alert citizens that "scammers" are
working the phones in an attempt to gain personal information or to get citizens to pay
over the phone via a "green dot" or pre-paid credit card in order to address a warrant or
fine. The caller will ask you to "scratch off the validation number" from the back of the
purchased card and provide the information over the phone.

The Kenton County Sheriff's Office does not call an individual who may have missed
jury duty, has a warrant, an outstanding fine, unpaid IRS taxes, or to leave a message
to callback about "a problem in your area".

Be alert to phone SCAMS! Do not engage these callers. Do not give them any type of
personal information. Do not give them any type of payment over the phone.

Please contact the Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, Office of Consumer
Protection at 888-432-9257 to report continued contact from these callers.