Underage Drinking Tip Line

When asked what they most worry their teens will experience as a result of underage drinking, many parents would say automobile accidents and DUI’s. With this in mind well-meaning parents host underage drinking parties and take away teens’ keys in the belief that they are keeping them safe. When teens are asked what consequence of alcohol use they most experience one in five say that they do not remember what they did while under the influence. Underage drinking is far more than a highway safety issue. Alcohol use by teens is related to fights and violence, car accidents, HIV, sexual assault, teen pregnancy, academic problems, alcohol dependency and even death.

That is why Kenton County Alliance, a prevention coalition, is working with the police departments of Kenton County to implement a tip line where citizens can call in to report planned or in progress underage drinking parties. The number, 392-1962, rings to a message line at the Kenton County Police department in Independence. The line is checked regularly and calls are referred to the appropriate police jurisdiction. All calls are anonymous. Anyone can use the line to report, however all parties must be in Kenton County.

Our surveys of Kenton County youth have shown that more than one in three students (35%) is using alcohol regularly by grade 12. More troubling, only 61% believe that alcohol use is risky, much lower than the 84% of their peers in the state. When teens drink alcohol, they don’t stop at one drink. They drink a lot in a short time. This influences other bad choices and risky

It is our hope that this Tip Line will contribute to lower incidents of alcohol use by our youth and that in this way we will save lives.

Kenton County Alliance
500 Graves Ave
Erlanger KY 41018

Report planned or in progress underage drinking parties to: (859)392-1962.

All calls are anonymous. Anyone can use the line to report, however all parties must be in Kenton County.

Calls go to a message line at the Kenton County Police Department in Independence KY. Leave a message and Kenton Police refers the call to the correct police jurisdiction.